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近江商人は三方徳(「売り手に良し、買い手に良し、世間に良し」)を標榜しましたが、 弊社は四方徳をはかりながら、共存共栄をめざしております。

そのために、弊社は、まず第一に、出版社様、書店様の間に立ち、知り得たノウハウ、 情報を双方にフィードバックする体制を確立し、幅広いご支持をいただいております。 特に、今日では、携帯電話をはじめとする新たなデジタルメディアが盛んになってまいりましたので、 これにへ向けてコンテンツ配信をサポートするソリューションの提供にも取り組んでおります。

文苑堂は今後も時代のニーズにすばやく対応し、お客様が喜び、四方徳をはかり、 社会、書店様・出版社様と共存共栄をはかるように、極め細やかなサービスを提供してまいります。

代表取締役社長 川添 英弘
  Message from President Hidehiro Kawazoe

 I was born in Kagoshima Prefecture,where I was brought up under the well-known life philosophy “Keiten Aijin”(the respect of heaven and the love of human being)of Takamori Saigo,hero of the Meiji Restoration.This noble teaching that we should pay deference toward heaven and nature and never hate enemy and love people is not only a universal life philosophy but also a business management philosophy.My motto is that I should make enormous efforts to satisfy a customer and help a customer bear and keep profound love ,since a customer is an important partner to respect and love.

 Bunendo Corporation has been mainly engaged both in distributing books,magazines,maltimedia goods and etc.and in selling them per procuration of publishers since the establishment in 1955.Bunendou has been constantly endeavoring so much enough to gratify readers,bookshops,publishers.As Oumi merchants grew into famous big merchants during the Edo period through the practice of “Sanpoutoku”(encouraging such three-side benefits as sellers,buyers and communities ),so Bunendou has been achieving mutual prosperity in coexistence through the fulfillment of“Yonpoutoku”(encouraging such four-side benefits as readers, bookshops,publishers and communities).

 That is why Bunendou has established ,first of all, the feedback system which enables us to provide our know-how, information and experiences with publishers and bookshops,with the result that we have won a wide support and respect from them.Among others,Bunendou is willing to put an emphasis upon the solution-provision to support the transmission of digital contents,for new kinds of digitalmedia such as digital phone and personal computer etc.are currently playing a great role and influence in the world.

 Bunendou has firmly determined to respond quickly to the needs the time requires ,satisfy customers,and provide exquisite service so as to achieve mutual prosperity in coexistence through the accomplishment of“Yonpoutoku”.
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